About OEF
Who we are

Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship is a statewide organization dedicated to the enhancement of off-road cycling through trail advocacy, maintenance and cooperation with land managers and users.

What we do
  • Build and maintain local trails
  • Work with land owners and managers to advocate for mountain biking and to develop new places to ride and improve existing trails
  • Meet regularly on and off the trail to share our sport with like-minded people
  • Sponsor small individual race events and larger events affiliated with Oklahoma race series
  • Host an annual Trail Aid event to raise awareness of OEF and mountain biking in general
How you can help
  • By becoming a member, your dues go toward operating expenses for the club and toward ongoing expenses necessary to develop and maintain great trails to ride.
  • Participating in meetings and group events gives us the opportunity to share our sport with each other.
  • Promoting the club and its events to other people, business, and agencies involved in our sport helps to spread the word about what we do and why we love to do it.
  • Participating in trail-building events or regular trail maintenance helps to ensure we all have great trails to ride. Building and maintaining good, rideable trails is a lot of work and we can always use help.
How to join

Go to our Join OEF page and sign up online or print an application to mail in. You can also join at one of our regular membership meetings (check our Calendar page for the next meeting time and location) or at our annual Trail Aid event.

Club Officers and Board
President:  Josh Musgrove
Vice-president:  Chris Southern
Secretary:  Tegan Sexton
Treasurer:  Jeff Rawdon

Board Members
  • Brian Urquhart (Past President)
  • Derek Lewis
  • Jacquelyn Musgrove
  • John Shears
  • Erin Tawney
Trail Bosses
  • Shane Jones (Bluff Creek)
  • Bill Denton (Draper)
Constitution and Bylaws

Club facts and achievements
  • OEF began as a group of motivated individuals in 1989 to promote mountain biking in Oklahoma.
  • We incorporated in Oklahoma in 1996.
  • We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity.
  • OEF was instrumental in the conversion of Clearbay Trail at Lake Thunderbird from hiking only to multi-use. This was one of the first times off-road biking had been allowed in a state park.
  • Club members helped to reopen mountain bike trails at Pat Murphy Park in Oklahoma City after the original Bluff Creek trail was closed by the city. We spent over 1,000 man-hours and over $3,000 on the project.
  • In 1997, OEF was named one of twelve recipients of Oklahoma City Beautiful's top honor awards in their Adopt-A-Park program. Renewal of this status was achieved in 2004 & 2007.
  • In 1995 OEF established mountain bike trails in Roman Nose State Park near Watonga.
  • OEF was awarded a $16,000 grant from the Oklahoma Recreational Trails Fund (ORTF) for equipment and materials to be used in building and maintaining the Lake Stanley Draper Mountain Bike Park. OEF also assisted in the successful application by the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust for grant monies to build a parking lot and trail head facilities.
  • In 2001 OEF worked with the Bicycle League of Norman to revive the Clearbay trails at Lake Thunderbird.
  • OEF was heavily involved in creating & supporting the Oklahoma MTB Race Series, the Tour de Dirt. Over the years OEF has successfully run a number of large mountain bike events like Slime Fest at Roman Nose, the Red Dirt Rendezvous at Lake Stanley Draper with a companion Kids Kup Race, IMBA Trail Building Schools and the first 24 hour mountain bike race in Oklahoma.
Club Business
Additional Club Documents

OEF Release and Waiver
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