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Lake Stanley Draper Trail


Lake Stanley Draper Trail is 11.5 miles of singletrack, mostly through wooded areas. This trail is maintained by OEF.

General Information

The trail consists of six loops:
  • Green: 4 miles, beginner
  • Blue: 1.5 miles, beginner
  • Red: 1 mile, intermediate/expert
  • Orange: 1 mile, intermediate
  • Yellow: 4 miles, intermediate
  • Black: 1 mile, expert
The trail may be sandy in spots during dry conditions, especially during the summer. There are ticks during the summer and poison ivy near the trail year-round.

Oklahoma City ordinance requires helmets for all riders at all times.

Report a Problem

Please click here to report a problem with this trail. Please provide as many details as you can so we can address the situation as quickly as possible. Providing your phone number will also help if we need further information about the problem.

Trail improvement or feature addition suggestions should be placed on this page on our forum.

Driving Directions

Trail Distance

Approximately 12.5 miles.

Trail Difficulty

Beginner to Expert

When to Ride

Rideable year round, but avoid when wet. Can be sandy during hot and dry times.

Fee Info

There are no fees for this trail.

Trail Usage

  • Mountain Biking
  • Trail Running
  • Walking/Hiking


  • Gravel parking lot
  • Portable toilet
  • Picnic tables (2)

Trail Map

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